Todd’s Marietta Tree Services – Emergency Tree Removal Company

Even with all of its residential growth and expanding commerce, Marietta, Ga is home to an impressive 18 city parks and a robust tree canopy city-wide, which brings us to Todd’s Marietta Tree Services located at 200 Cobb Pkwy N Ste 428 Marietta, Ga 30062. With more than 15 years of helping the city and its residents resolve tree issues, this company has built a tremendous reputation for itself.

tree removal in marietta georgia

Who is This Tree Service and What Do They Do?

Since its beginning more than 15 years ago, Todd’s Marietta Tree Services has been offering affordable tree pruning, cutting, and emergency tree removal services to homeowners and neighborhoods in Marietta.

One aspect of this business that sets it apart is that the cut or removed trees do not go to waste, end up in a landfill or simply become mulch. They are split and sold as firewood.

Their service area covers all of Northwest Atlanta, but it is in Cobb county that they are widely known and popular for these services.

“After serving Marietta homeowners and businesses for 15 years, we understand your needs and have a track record of excellent service and satisfied customers.”

A One Stop Shop Tree Company that Benefits Its Customers

tree service in marietta georgia

The greatest benefit to Todd’s customers is having all of their tree service needs met by one company.

Whether it be landscape improvement, removing unwanted or troubled trees, overhanging limbs, stump grinding, or emergency tree removal after severe weather events, this capable team consistently provides the highest quality tree services.

Social Impact – Giving Back to the Community

Within every community, there are those that are either less fortunate or that have fallen on hard times. This makes them no less of a member of that community. Todd sees this and is proactively offering real opportunity to those who need it.

Todd offers second-chance job and housing opportunities for rehabilitated individuals living in Atlanta. Todd’s company also collectively donates their time and labor services at the church to set up and tear down the service each Sunday.

All else aside, this amazing and generous aspect of Todd’s Marietta Tree Services cannot be overstated.

For further information, contact them directly:

Todd’s Marietta Tree Services
200 Cobb Pkwy N Ste 428 Marietta, Ga 30062
(678) 505-0266

Follow Todd’s on social media:

Cutting Trees and Emergency Removal is a Specialty for Todd

No bones about it, for more than 15 years, Todd has been cutting and removing trees. This is his specialty and he does it well.

His customer satisfaction rating is stellar. This is due in part to his focus on what he does best and his incredible service delivery. His overwhelming popularity in Marietta is a testament to this.

Watch this tree service in action:

Inside the Industry with Todd’s Marietta Tree Services

Beware of the “pop-up” tree service companies! In this market, it sometimes seems that anyone with a chainsaw and a pickup truck will call themselves a tree service.

Doing business with people like this may result in irreversible damage to otherwise healthy trees, or worse. Their lack of insurance may leave you helpless in cases where their negligence causes structural damage to your property or physical harm to any person.

Reputable tree service companies will be more than happy to show you their credentials, licenses, and most importantly, their insurance policy.

Always check the above information, and make sure they have great reviews before deciding who to trust with so much responsibility.

Tree Removal Service in Marietta

With more than 15 years of continuous service and experience in Marietta, Ga, Todd’s Marietta Tree Services is the go to tree service in the city.

Having worked with massive trees and emergencies of all sizes, Todd’s has the experience to help you quickly identify and resolve your tree problems.

Doing business with a company that only wants to cut your tree down and run may end up making a bad situation worse. Contract a tree service that will do the job right while protecting the environment and your property.

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